Mission Statement

To inspire a vision of an imaginative story by enhancing each student’s creativity and fully composing it on screen through innovation and visual arts. We believe that every child has a story to tell.

our foundation

Using today's technology to create a visual art form by creating a team environment for kids to enjoy.  We want each student to take this experience with them forever by feeling accomplished.  All students will use a digital camera and have familiarity to create an aesthetic compelling image.  We are a film school for kids made by kids.

how we achieve our purpose

We will have graduate film students teaching camps by providing fresh new energy.  Each student will have hands on training on the fundamentals and equipment on digital cameras.  We will show visuals and our work on our monitor and collaborate as a group on each student's piece.  At the end of the session each student will present one piece to the parents.

Some of the benefits that your child will experience include:

  • 1 to 8 teacher to student ratio

  • Production shirt included (Advanced)

  • Each student will have their own camera

  • Fun & creative activities

  • Free digital portfolio link

  • Review & recap and revision of each student's work

  • Trips to Balboa Park, Torrey Pines, events in San Diego (Advanced)

  • Free bonus gifts for referrals


Ava, Dominic, Phoebe  Rancho Pensaquitos, 2017

Ava, Dominic, Phoebe

Rancho Pensaquitos, 2017