Valente Aranda

Valente graduated from San Diego State majoring in Film Production. He worked for Tower Talent for about 5 years helping young talent get representation in Los Angeles through his guidance. Valente has helped launch the careers of numerous youth by leading some of the best students to talent competitions in Los Angeles. Valente has also produced the last 4 fashion shows at the SD Kids Expo in Del Mar. Two of his greatest life passions are film and working with children. The company is all about showcasing kids’ talent and encouraging them to maximize their potential.

Valente’s passion for the company was ignited when he witnessed his young actors consistently let down on auditions in Los Angeles. It was disheartening seeing his young talent failed with no communication coming from casting directors. He saw no hope seeing each student struggle in the industry. Once he witness behind the scenes of auditioning in Los Angeles he was determined to make his students succeed in San Diego. His inspiration is the numerous kids that he has encountered over the course of his career who all share his love for film but need a place to nurture their talent. His motivation has been with all students he has work with in the past. Thus Children’s Film Academy was born.

Deshawn, 9yrs

Mission Valley, 2017

The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.
— Valente Aranda