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Carmel Mountain, Black Mountain, Rancho Santa Fe cinematography courses coming soon in Winter 2020!

Ages 13-17

  • Sitcom Camp

  • Reporting Live!

  • T V Newscast

  • International Cinema for Teens

  • DSLR Camp

Ages 7-12

  • Cinematography Camps-Currently enrolling

  • T V Newscast Camps-currently enrolling

  • Vloging for Youtube Lessons-currently enrolling

  • Directing & Acting Course

  • Editing & Sound Course

  • Art & Set Design Course

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"If your child is artistic, visual, and a creative learner why not let them use their creativity in our cinematography course.  Cinematography is the art of telling a story through images.  It is the foundation of filmmaking  This course teaches students the proper way to compose their image with our own digital cameras.  Each student will practice taking compositions of their surrounding and creating a movie collage at the end of each session. By having a passion for the visual arts and learning how to properly use their creativity they will be skilled and knowledgeable using  today's technology.  Eventually this course will lead them to becoming better visual storytellers."

Valente Aranda, Founder